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Ardabus Rubber is a Los Angeles based painter and toy artist working in both 2-Dimensional and 3D Sculptural artworks. His humble beginnings on a farm in Maine, observing his mother’s career as an illustrator, were uprooted and replanted in California at age 13. A self-taught artist, Ardabus Rubber’s exploratory ambition melded with gritty day-to-day life. Ardabus Rubber’s painting seeks freedom through artwork by combining an appropriation of graphic pop art with interstellar graffiti-like textures. Extremely autobiographical, Ardabus Rubber’s paintings tell stories of his experiences and artistic processes through subversive multi-dimensional abstraction.

In 2008, after years dabbling in mixed media on canvas, Ardabus Rubber stepped into 3-Dimensionally painted and sculpted artworks on designer vinyl art toys. Toy art, or customizing, has since become a significant facet of his practice. Ardabus Rubber’s’ hand-painted vinyl toys as well as his canvas artwork have exhibited in Galleries internationally, and are slated for production release with major toy art industry contributors.

Explore a place you’ve never been before through Ardabus Rubber’s surreal and continually evolving abstract expressionistic landscapes. For exhibition and original works inquiries, please contact ar@ardabusrubber.com.


Art Without Borders @ 1AM Gallery, San Francisco
Game On! Group Show
@ 1AM Gallery, San Francisco
Fonzo Loves NewYork
Group Show @ MyPlasticHeart, New York
DesignerCon 2012 - Gunnzo and SpankyStokes Booth
KOZIK Tribute Show @ 1AM Gallery, San Francisco
Two Faced Show @ Gunnzo, San Diego, CA.
San Diego Comic Con 2012 - Dragatomi Booth
Kuro Custom Show @ Munky King, Los Angeles
"Most Wanted" Group Show @ 1AM Gallery, San Francisco
Playsam 500 Show - San Francisco
Belicosity - Custom Show @ TAG Los Angeles
Disney x Play Imaginative Mickey Show - April 2012 - Singapore
Mattia Benefit Show - Italy
So So Happy x Toy2R Custom Qee Series - Traveling Show
DesignerCon 2011 - Pasadena, CA. - SpankyStokes Booth
New York Comic Con 2011 - Trampt.com Booth
San Diego Comic Con 2011- Dragatomi Booth
Rendition Gallery Grand Opening - Boulder, CO
The Almighty Dunny Show - Genuine Artikle, New York
DesignerCon 2010 - Pasadena CA. - SpankyStokes Booth
San Diego Comic Con 2010 - Dragatomi Booth
15th Anniversary Qee Celebration @ Dragatomi, Sacramento CA.

Kidrobot Dunny Series 2013
Fresh Batch Custom Dunny Series - Golden Ticket
Misfortune Cat Blindbox Series - DCON 2012
Dragatomi Custom Android Series, SDCC 2012
Mini-Boombox Online Show
So So Happy x Toy2R Custom Qee Series
CTU's Assassin's Series 2 - Custom Qee Series
Project Bear - CTU x Toy2R Custom Mini Qee Series
CTU's Assassin's Series 1 - Custom Dunny Series

Nominee - Best Customizer

Nominee - Best Customizer

Nominee - Customizer of the Year
Nominee - Best Artist